FCTG Brings Industry-Leading Efficiency to Logistics

FCTG partnered with Princeton TMX, a cloud-based specialized transportation management system, to double down on its mission to bring industry-leading efficiency to its logistics and supply chain services.

With a global reach of 400+ traders, 1,750+ suppliers, and 10,000+ customers across six continents, FCTG paved the way for an impressive $7 billion worth of transactions last year—thanks in part to its partnership with Princeton PTMX.

Keeping Up With the Speed of Trade

PTMX provides carriers with a one-stop digital hub for all their logistical needs. The cloud-based platform offers up-to-date insight into the location and status of every load, eliminating guesswork and delivering efficiency to day-to-day operations. It offers clients and FCTG operating companies a convenient and efficient way to book freight and automates tasks while freeing up extra time to find new capacities.

Best of all, PTMX gives FCTG partners visibility into their shipment progress, enabling them to identify and implement best practices and streamline their logistics operations. It can drive efficiency for transport routes while reducing expenses, lowering lead times, and increasing customer satisfaction.

The Forest City Marketplace

It's a wrap for cluttered inboxes and dozens of open tabs. PTMX is all about giving partners streamlined, easy-to-read data. The PTMX platform offers centralized data for clients via The Forest City Marketplace, where all freight is managed in one place.

Plus, FCTG partners can now say goodbye to redundant logins. PTMX allows partners to see all loads housed under one roof and one screen—all with one login.

Unique Feature: Spot Rate Load Board

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) aren't new to the industry, but at FCTG, PTMX is FCTG’s twist on a basic TMS. Most shippers using a TMS, such as mills, operate using contract rates—they go to partners every year and ask for them to bid a rate for the whole year.

Because FCTG operates in the spot market, it’s ahead of market trends and surges. With PTMX, if FCTG awards carriers and brokers, it’s letting the platform do the work of bidding prices for them at the market rate.

Group of people representing Forest City Trading Group

Efficiency in Action: Viking Forest Products Books 500+ Trucks in One Day

Viking Forest Products, a proud FCTG Operating Company, demonstrated efficiency in action when it booked more volume than ever before without adding headcount after launching PTMX.

Relentlessly Chasing Better Solutions For Partners

FCTG believes logistics is all about checking off all the "right" boxes: right product, right time, right place, right price. Ultimately, that's what implementing PTMX allows FCTG to do. As a result, the company can be more flexible and adaptive than ever, providing better customer solutions.

FCTG traders provide lightning-speed solutions to get the perfect product at an unbeatable price. At the same time, its transport experts ensure smooth delivery with ideal carriers and timings—delivering fast quality results.

With every load, FCTG is trying to find the best solution for partners and customers, and PTMX is an integral part of that. The platform enables FCTG to expand its reach, offering more visibility, more data, and more time so partners can book orders large or small with maximum efficiency.

Can FCTG Help Move the Needle On Your Business?

FCTG is proud to have achieved these business growth goals through investing in technology and always looking for ways to provide more value. Partners now enjoy the benefits of real-time data availability and unprecedented agility—something FCTG is proud to provide.

With years of experience in international logistics and supply chain management, FCTG understands the importance of innovation and accuracy. It strives to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to technology and services that help it deliver peak performance for their customers every day.

So get ready to make a leap from good to great; contact FCTG now to learn more about how they can get to work for your business.

Published by Jordan Fraser

Director of Transportation at FCTG

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